The Art of Sex

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A critical lens is an approach or viewpoint of a text based upon a critical theory or knowledge. To view a text through the critical lens of Feminism, for example, is to examine the text from the point of view of a feminist - examining the roles, both domestic and social, played by men and women, and how equal the relationships between men and women are. Current critical lenses are Formalism/New Criticism, Post Modernism, Marxism, etc.

Some English teachers also use the term 'critical lens' to describe the topic or focus of a task. The statement or question is given in order to encourage a student to take a specific critical viewpoint of a text, and evaluate how and why the text supports or challenges this theory.

Eg. Critical lens - "Marriage in The Importance of Being Earnest is discredited by Wilde as a device of power rather than passion." This lens asks you to focus critically on how the text supports or challenges this interpretation of marriage. Ads by Google

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A critical lens is a type of essay or a style of writing a narrative piece. It consists of five paragraphs, each covering various aspects of the topic of...
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