The Art and Science of Teaching

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  • Published : November 26, 2008
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The art of teaching focuses on the process of creating atmosphere, delivering relative information through a performance and creatively incorporating unexpected events into the lessons. The science of teaching focuses on the experimental aspect of teaching, facts, and cause and effect. Science is defined as "methodological activity, discipline or study" as well as "knowledge, especially that gained through experience" ( Art has many different definitions which include "a system of principles and methods employed in performance of a set of activities" and "a trade or craft that applies such a system of principles and methods" (

Constructivist teaching is an artful approach to learning that allows the students to use their thinking skills in order to discover information. The teacher in this case is an artist who skillfully guides the students’ thought processes. (Parkay and Stanford p. 64). There is evidence of this kind of approach very early in education. The Fifth Reader, printed in 1881, suggests that the student find words in a written work “and study their connection with the rest, and give the special sense of the words as there used, not the general definition.” (Harris, Rickoff and Bailey p.1). Instead of feeding the definition of a word to the student, the student explores and discovers meaning  

An example that depicts the art and science of teaching is a dancer/instructor.  You have a dance instructor with 20 years of dancing experience that includes ballet, jazz, modern and modern dance.  The class comprises of students of various educational majors, from engineering, science, education and business.  Understanding individual learning styles is very crucial to the success of the makeup of this group.  Each of these disciplines from a practical standpoint learn differently, there brains absorb, process and expel information in different ways.  That says the instructor has to develop the...
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