The Argument on Obesity Being a Disease

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Weight loss Pages: 3 (920 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Brad Ward
English 152
Dr. Reiter
The Argument on Obesity being a Disease
Roughly, in the United States, there are 60 million people with the problem of obesity. Uniquely, this disease affects women in the United States more than men. Obesity is a problem because both men and women of all ages are exposed to a large amount of food in their everyday lives. He or she should lose weight because Obesity it can bring on a lot of health issues. This issue is a “big’’ problem in the U.S and that issue is why some people say that they believe obesity is a disease and why another set of people that think a person chooses to live the lifestyle of obesity.

One reason some people have problems with obesity is they live very convenient lives. “Does the family have clearly stated rules and are punishments logical consequences for rules that are broken (Kelly D. Brownell & John P. Foreyt)?” Many people don’t have to exercise and do not eat healthily at all. Most people take the easy way by taking elevators instead of climbing the stairs, or if they are hungry they go to a fast food restaurant instead of preparing a low fat meal at home. For example, in my family if nobody wants to cook, we usually go out and pick up something to eat, usually high calorie fast food. People today can also become so busy they don’t even attempt to exercise or eat health foods. The reason I know this is because I am busy almost every day. With school work, my job, and family duties I find little time for exercise or food preparation. Eating healthily and staying fit is a lifestyle that everyone needs to switch over to so they can have more energy and also live longer.

Most of the time it is not people’s choices that make them obese; it is either hereditary or a slow body metabolism. ‘’Obesity has become a highly contentious issue in part because the United States not only has one of the highest obesity rates in the world but has also led the industrial...
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