The Araras: The Tribe Time Forgot

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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6th Hour
The Araras:
The Tribe Time Forgot
The Araras were a tribe located in Brazil in South America. There is very little is known about this tribe. They live a very different life style. They are a tribe that had to work for everything they have, including things just to survive. The movie we watched in class on the Araras gave me a very good idea of how they live and what they believe and live for as a tribe.

The Araras have little contact with FUNAI which stands for Brazil’s Indian Agency. They get a lot of what they need from them. A few things that they get from are articles of clothing and some food, but they don’t get much. Besides what they get from FUNAI, the Araras provide everything for themselves, their families and even for other people around them.

Body Painting and designs were somewhat of a hobby of the Araras. They would make instruments out of the skull of a dead people but putting a pole or a stick through the forehead of the skull. Bathing time was not only a refreshing time but also fun. Families would spend hours of time together bathing in the water, even the monkeys would join. Also down by the water the women would wash the clothing while the men hunted and gathered.

Reincarnation is a big religious belief of the Araras. They believe that when an enemy dies, if they cut off certain parts of the body, they will receive a special gift. If the hands and feet are cut off they will receive hostile energy, their internal organs for potency or power, and head to stop them from going to Heaven. The Araras believe in the painting of their bodies. The print of the animal they paint on themselves is the animal they will become in the afterlife. Cannibalism is another major belief which plays a major role in their society.

One woman usually has multiple sexual partners. The Arara families are extremely different than what we know to be a family. Most kids don’t have parents, but they have people who they...
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