"The Apprentice" Group Dynamics Evaluation

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  • Published : December 1, 2006
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In this episode of "The Apprentice," two teams were presented with the task of creating a marketing campaign in order to attract new recruits to the New York Police Department. Task significance played a huge role in this episode. The winner of this task was to be the team that created "the most compelling campaign." Team Mosaic and Team Apex both succeeded in portraying strong messages, but their tactics and the motivations behind their campaigns were much different. The differences in leadership abilities and policies contributed greatly to the diversity found in their messages.

Team Mosaic chose their leader by random drawing as always, resulting in the youngest candidate and the target of much scrutiny in the previous episode becoming their new leader. Andy is stubborn and inexperienced, but he is a good leader because he chose a plan of attack after considering the options and never wavered. He had plenty of help from his group members, but delegation of tasks is an important part of being a leader. It is unclear how Team Apex chose their leader, though Elizabeth had also previously been the object of criticism among other candidates. Her weakness early on during this task was her inability to choose plan of action, or "flip-flopping," as her group members often called it. She and another member of her group spent many hours correcting her group's misdirection, only to change back to the original and obviously poor plan the next day, hours before their presentation. Thus, the team's efficiency suffered due to the amount of work required outweighing the quality of their product.

The goal of this task was seemingly straightforward. Due to this, it should have been easy for each team leader to produce a quality campaign. Infighting plagued both teams, but the lack of leadership on Elizabeth's part inevitably earned her team a decisive loss. Group dynamics did not play a major role in this instance, as both groups had trouble functioning well...
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