The Applying Problems and Resolving to Implement Sustainable Tourism

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  • Published : March 28, 2013
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The applying problems and the resolving to implement sustainable tourism In this day and age, tourism is one of the largest industries, with an increasing number of tourists all around the world. Because of this, there are many impacts on humankind, with both positive and negative sides. Hence, the sustainable tourism, which is the concept of visiting an area as a tourist and trying to make a balance of the social, culture, economic and especially environmental dimensions, is gained in importance. However, Frey & George (2010) describe that this concept seems to play a significant role in tourism field, but only few of tourism businesses are participating in. This essay will examine the reasons and some possible suggestions. It will first explain the overall of the definition of the sustainable tourism. Then the focus moves onto the factors applying the unsuccessfully sustainability in practice and some specific examples. Next, some feasible measures will be provided. Finally, it draws a conclusion on the limited in the concept of sustainable tourism.

There are a few definitions of sustainability within the context of tourism, including ecotourism, green travel, environmentally and culturally responsible tourism, fair trade and ethical travel. To most people, sustainable tourism, that is the most important way to success in sustainability, is still not widely understood despite the remarkable growth of the sustainable tourism industry; therefore, Frey & George (2010) has defined the overall meaning and concept of sustainable tourism in their article that is a part of sustainable development, which is the most valuable of economic, social, natural and cultural resources by management, protection, and conservation, and still maintains its unique as long as possible for sustainable development that could create the better experience for responsible visitors. By definition, such the sustainable tourism should reach its objective, but it is not because there are...
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