The Applications of Waterjets

Topics: Fluid dynamics, Reynolds number, Boundary layer Pages: 19 (3977 words) Published: September 21, 2013

1. Introduction
2. Basic Theory of System
3. Assessment of Wake Parameter
4. Validation of Design Parameters
5. Analysis of the Inlet Design Parameters
6. Numerical Analysis of the Inlet Duct
7. Conclusion
The application of waterjets is rapidly growing and they are increasingly being chosen for propulsion in high-speed crafts. Waterjet as a propulsion system of a vessel is also favorable when it comes to maneuvering, appendage drag, draft and fuel consumption at high speeds. Furthermore, waterjet system has recently gained more credibility for its acceptable efficiency because of the advent of more efficient and large pumps. This type of propulsion system consists of many components working together harmoniously, thus establishing a complex system. A significant problem facing designers when predicting performance of the waterjet is the interaction between the hull and the waterjet. This paper describes the powering performance of a vessel equipped with a waterjet system. The interaction between the hull and waterjet is studied in order to predict the powering characteristics. The work starts with an introduction of the waterjet and a review of its current status in design and analysis. Subsequently, hydrodynamic properties of its components are computed and interactions among them are analyzed. Finally, numerical computation is performed for acquiring pressure distribution by a two dimensional computer code in the suction area of the waterjet inlet to predict the possible occurrence of cavitation for the inlet duct. At a glance: Figures















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Keywords: waterjet, inlet flow, numerical analysis, cavitation, propulsion system International Journal of Physics, 2013 1 (2), pp 22-27. 
DOI: 10.12691/ijp-1-2-1
Received December 13, 2012; Revised April 21, 2013; Accepted April 24, 2013 Copyright: © 2013 Cooper et al. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited. Cite this article:

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Ghadimi, Parviz, Roya Shademani, and Mahdi Yousefi Fard. "Performance Assessment of the Waterjet Propulsion System through a Combined Analytical and Numerical Approach." International Journal of Physics 1.2 (2013): 22-27.

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1. Introduction
In 16’Th century, Toogood and Hays for the first time proposed waterjet propulsion system, as reported by J.S. Carlton [1]. At that period of time, waterjet propulsions were used in high-speed pleasure craft and work boats. However, in recent years, this system has been considered for large high-speed crafts. Accordingly, many huge waterjet units have been used in wide range of ships such as passenger and naval crafts. The waterjet propulsion is a complex system. On the contrary, the screw propellers are simpler, lighter and more efficient than waterjet system. However, the arrival of more efficient pumps, the necessity for timely delivering the critical commercial cargoes, and the required maneuverability for particular vessels have made the usage of waterjets more attractive. It is normal to divide this type of propulsion system into a hull and a waterjet. It has been demonstrated that waterjet-hull interaction can affect the overall efficiency more than 20% [2]. Usually, waterjet system is broken down into subsystems and an explicit modular approach is applied to analyze them. In order to assess the interaction between the hull and the jet, a parametric method is used. In 1980, an early contribution related to the jet-hull interaction is...
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