The Application of Suggestopedia in Primary School

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Ⅰ.The definition of Suggestopedia4
Ⅱ.The background of Suggestopedia4
A. The Researching Period (before 1971)5
B. The Research Result Publishing and Testing Period (1971—1984)5 C. Application and Revision Period (1985—1992)5
D. Maturity and Promotion Period (1993—Now)6
Ⅲ. The six principal theoretical components of Suggestopedia6 A. Authority6
B. Infantilization6
C. Double-planedness6
D. Intonation and Rhythm6
E. Concert pseudo-passiveness6
Ⅳ.The forms of Suggestopedia7
Ⅴ. The teaching procedure of Suggestopedia7
Ⅵ. The present situation of primary school English teaching in China8 Ⅶ.Obstacles that prevent primary school students from learning English well8 Ⅷ.The psychological development features of primary school students9 A. The features of perception, attention and memory9

B. The imagination and thought features of primary students9 C. The emotion features of primary students10
D. The will features of primary students10
E. The character features of primary students10
Ⅸ. The application of Suggestopedia in primary school English vocabulary teaching10 Ⅹ.The application of Suggestopedia in primary school English reading teaching11 Ⅺ. Other aspects of primary school English

teaching that Suggestopedia can be used12

Abstract: Primary English teaching plays an important role in pupils’ English learning in their future English study and can cultivate their interest towards learning English. Therefore, it is significant for primary school English teacher to know and choose proper teaching methods. This paper studies the application of Suggestopedia in primary school English teaching. This paper is divided into three parts. The first part introduces some general information about Suggestopedia, which consists of the definition, background, principal theoretical, form and teaching procedures of Suggestopedia. The second part states the present situation of primary school English teaching in China, obstacles that prevent pupils from learning English well and the psychological development features of pupils. The last part will combine Suggestopedia with primary English teaching, and research the application of Suggestopedia in teaching vocabulary and reading, besides, in other aspects of primary English teaching. Key words: Suggestopedia; primary school English teaching; vocabulary; reading 摘要:小学英语教学为小学生们今后的英语学习奠定基础,并培养他们对英语的兴趣,因此对英语教师来说,了解和选择正确的教学方法很重要。这篇论文研究暗示教学法在小学英语教学中的应用。本文分为三个部分。第一部分介绍一些暗示教学法的基本信息,包括暗示教学法的概念、背景、基本理论、形式和教学过程;第二部分讲述我国小学英语教学现状,影响小学生英语学习的因素以及小学生的心理发展特点;第三部分将暗示教学法与小学英语教学相结合,研究其在小学英语单词和阅读教学上的应用,及其在小学英语教学其他方面的应用。 关键词:暗示教学法;小学英语教学;单词;阅读

The Application of Suggestopedia in Teaching Primary School English


With the coming of new century and promotion of reform and opening-up, English is becoming more and more vital in people’s life. Recently, people have gradually realized that the improvement of English must be started in childhood. Pupils are longing for knowledge and study, but they often cannot focus on one thing for a long time. And their absorption to knowledge is mainly through appearance and image. Suggestopedia is a kind of pedagogy, which have been popularly studied. Though it has many factors which we cannot meet, it still has a lot we can make use of. Since 2001, the first year to start English course in elementary school, the study of English-teaching methods is also increased. This paper will deal with the application of Suggestopedia in English teaching in elementary school. We’ll talk about some general information about Suggestopedia, some present condition of elementary English teaching in China, the obstacles and psychological features of pupils, and how to apply Suggestopedia to English teaching in elementary students.

Ⅰ.The definition of...
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