The Apartheid System: the Collapse and Dominating Legacy in Political Circumstances

Topics: Nelson Mandela, South Africa, Thabo Mbeki Pages: 3 (746 words) Published: April 17, 2013

This essay will briefly discuss the key features of the apartheid system, the main reasons that led to the collapse of the Apartheid era and the prevailing legacy in political circumstances. These issues will be unpacked through firstly identifying and explaining the key features of the apartheid system, briefly highlighting and explaining the factors that contributed to the collapse of the Apartheid era and lastly by looking at the ways in which the past is still shaping South Africa’s present political circumstances.

2.The key features of the apartheid system

According to Thompson (1990), the National party government which came into power in 1948 applied apartheid in a plethora of laws and executive actions. Among the most crucial laws that were legislated, the Group Areas Act No 41 of 1950 which resulted in millions of people being relocated through forced removals was one of the legislations that resulted in a lot of people suffering especially the people of colour. This is because the South African population was segmented into four racial groups of which comprised of the Whites, Coloured, Indian and African and each of these groups had their own way of doing things/beliefs. Barring in mind that the above mentioned racial groups had different beliefs, whites were seen as the people that were more educated and dominant than the other races. Hence they had first preference in everything that was of importance to all the humans as a whole which even then resulted in them (whites) being the largest nation in the country.

3.The key factors contributing to the collapse of the Apartheid era

Things started looking up for the oppressed human races (blacks, coloured, Indians) In February 1990 when President FW de Klerk publicized Nelson Mandela's release from prison and began the slow disassembling of the Apartheid system. In 1992 a whites-only election was conducted in which this disassembling of the Apartheid system process was...
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