The Anxiety of Leaving Home

Topics: Feeling, Anxiety, Fear Pages: 2 (489 words) Published: February 7, 2013
The anxiety of leaving home

When I was younger, I always talked about how I could not wait to grow up, but when I actually did, I missed the days when I could play and have nap time whenever I wanted. Now, I am preparing to leave for college. Leaving this comfort zone, a place where I have lived my whole life could cause stress and anxiety that I might not expect to have. There is no way to describe the feeling of being alone and on my own for the first time, but there are ways that I can reduce the affects that leaving home can have. The reason that a home is loved is because there are memories there. There are always family members or loved ones on whom I can rely on no matter what. That means the world to me. The feeling of comfort and safety that I feel at home contributes to the loneliness that I may feel when I leave for a new and unfamiliar place. But, bringing something from home can have big positive and healing effects on the level of homesickness. A picture speaks a thousand words. It is something familiar that can be looked at whenever a sense of loneliness kicks in. Anxiety is an uneasy feeling that people get from nervousness or fear, it can be caused by many things such as going on stage for the first time, going to take a major test, and in this case, leaving home. Yet if I have the comfort of a picture with me, then some of this stress can ease itself. I do not want to address the fear, but it is something that should be confronted head on. Talking it over with family and friends clears some of my thoughts and helps everyone better understand feelings and emotions that are bundled up inside. In my case, anxiety can lead to unsteadiness, dizziness, feeling lightheaded, weak muscles, weight loss, weight gain, constant feeling of being overwhelmed, nausea, and many other health effects. So, I think it is better to tackle anxiety earlier rather than when it already kicks in. This is what my parents prepare me for. Parents are supposed to mentor...
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