The Anti-Social Addiction

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  • Published : May 17, 2013
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If you walk through a school, restaurant, mall, or anywhere people hang out or frequent, the chances are most of the people you pass are using their phones for some type of social networking site. As you sit in the college library doing your homework, it is more likely that the person next to you is playing around on Facebook, Twitter, or one of the dozen other networking sites. As much as it pains me to say, I am one of the addicts. While internet based social interaction is becoming more popular, it is disintegrating almost all face to face communication.

In the article by Stephanie Rosenbloom, she quotes several people who have at least one account on a social networking site. There are cases where these sites can have an actual affect on your life, such as the case for Jessica Lawrence. She found a new job, place to live, and romance by using her twitter account. However that is not always the outcome. The thought that sites such as Klout and PeerIndex that score your affect and influence on other members, could in the future help employers decide on if they want to hire you is unbelievable but that is what our future looks like. In my personal experience, while using sites such as facebook and twitter, you can keep up with the things your friends, family, or even coworkers are doing but where does the internet stop and being there for a friend start. When I began using Facebook, it was mostly something to share pictures with my friends on, or an easier way to keep in touch when life has you running a thousand directions at once. As Facebook sucked me further in with games, new apps, or whatever new update they were adding, it started taking up more time in my life leaving less time for real interactions. A phone call or an afternoon lunch is a very rare occasion for most people these days. While it is nice to log on to a site and look at the status updates your friends have posted, there seems to be no filter for the information shared anymore. The idea...