The Anomie

Topics: Sociology, Anomie, Émile Durkheim Pages: 3 (971 words) Published: March 6, 2013
Anomie Theory: Emile Durkheim
Scientists have been analyzing groups and societies for many years. This examination of social classes and their role in humankind is referred to as sociology. It evolved as a discipline beginning in the 19th century as scientists began to observe and study differences in social classes among people. The interactions, behaviors, and functions of groups of people are the basis for this type of science. By analyzing these traits, sociologists can determine how and why people behave or react in certain ways. They can analyze patterns of behavior to predict potential models of growth or change, and they can use these analyses to propose solutions to problems in society. Èmile Durkheim Èmile Durkheim is credited to be the father of sociology. Durkheim was born in the mid 19th century in France, the son of a Jewish rabbi. He was interested in behavioral studies, religion, and educational methods and began teaching at the university level as a young man. He wrote several pieces that were published, focusing on such subjects as religion and suicidal behavior. These works affected social science practitioners who followed him. Durkheim was the first to declare the importance of social science as a fundamental aspect of study in higher learning systems, and he brought sociology into the curriculum of the French educational system. •What is Sociology?: A definition of the social science from the American Sociological Association. •Èmile Durkheim: A summary presenting the history and works of the sociologist. •Èmile Durkheim: His Life and Work: A short biography describing Èmile Durkheim and his work. •Sociological Theory: An outline of the chronology of Durkheim’s life. •Èmile Durkheim: A presentation about the background and contributions of the sociologist. •Sociology Timeline: A brief...
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