The Ancient Ruler Himiko

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Pimiku or Himiko( 卑弥呼) in Japanese
Historical references
The shaman Queen Himiko is recorded in various ancient histories, dating back to 3rd century in China, 8th century in Japan, and 12th century in Korea. Chinese resources
The country formerly had a man as a ruler, for some seventy or eighty years after that there were some disturbances and warfare. Thereupon the people agreed upon a woman for their ruler, her name was Himiko, She occupied herself with magic and sorcery, bewitching the people. Though mature in age, she remained unmarried; she had a younger brother who assisted her in ruling the country. She had one thousand women as attendants, but only one man. She resided in a palace surrounded by towers and stockades with armed guards in a state of constant vigilance. Japanese resources

Both of the two oldest Japanese histories Kojiki (Records of Ancient Matters) nor Nihon Shoki (Chronicles of Japan) mentions queen Himiko, and even if Himiko were known to the authors, they may have purposefully not to include her. However, according to Japanese legend, Himiko was the daughter of the emperor Suinin, who gave her custody of the sacred mirror, symbol of the Sun Goddess. Korean resources

The oldest Korean history book Samguk Sagi (Chronicles of the three kingdoms) records that queen Himiko sent an emissary to King Adalla of Silla. Historians disagree about the location of the land ruled by Pimiku (Himiko). The History of Wei states that Pimiku resided in Yamatai which means gateway to the mountains, located on an island southeast of Korea. This might indicate that Yamatai was in Northern Kyushu. The similarity of the names might signify that Yamatai was actually Yamato in central Honshu. The History of Wei states Pimiku died in the middle of the third century.
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