The Ancient Greek Time Period

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  • Published : January 30, 2011
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Theaters, actors, and plays were all started in the ancient Greek time period. Ancient Greek theater began between 550 and 220 BC. The plays or productions focused on the Greek God Dionysus. Dionysus was the God of wine, agriculture, and sexuality. Thespis was a person who told stories through songs to Dionysus. Thespis did two major things that transformed Greek theater, make actors instead of just storytellers and translated the hymns into Dionysus to story telling songs which people acted out. The theater began with no actors or in a dithyrambous. The poet Thespis was the first to use actors. Aeschylos was the second, and Sophocles was the third. The actors that were the leading characters were originally called hypocrites.The actors were all only men because it was against the law for women to be actors/actress.( Phillips; Karayannakos) Ancient Greek theater consisted of a mixture of legend, philosophy, poetry, social commentary, visual splendor, public participation, and myths. A myth is an old story rooted in a particular society that explains a belief, ritual, or some mysteries aspect of nature. The ancient Greek theater also consisted of loud music, bright colors, and extensive dancing. ( Karayannakos) The ancient Greeks started a whole new world of theater terms. Some of the words that they invented were theater, which came from the word theatron meaning “seeing place”, drama, which came from the word dran meaning “ to do”. Chorus, which was the character that told what has been happening in the play, and ode meaning part of the play when the chorus speaks or sings. Also, strophe, which is when during the ode, the chorus crosses from stage right to stage left and the opposite directions for antistrophe. Another word that came for the ancient Greek theater was hypocrites, which were the leading actors, or parts.(Karayannakos) Greek theater consisted of three major types of plays. There was tragedy, which was derived from the word tragos...
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