The Analysis of the Mountain High Hotel Complex

Topics: Management, Strategic management, Organization Pages: 3 (1050 words) Published: April 21, 2013
The analysis of the Mountain High Hotel Complex
1. Introduction
The Mountain High Hotel Complex is a big company, so creat a customer care culture is very important. Many factors may influence customers’ satisfaction such as orgasation structure, communacation management, employeers’right and customer aftercare. 2. The Organisational Structure which can enable effective customer care 2.1 Four management levels

The Mountain High Hotel Complex has a number of distinct operations like restaurants, bars, night-club and so on, it is a big company, so it need many people to manage it. Tall structures has many leves of management and supervision, one maneger only need to control sevel staff, so they can meet the Complex’s needs. There is a long chain in a tall structure, it can be devided into four management levels: strategic, tactical, operational and employees. This structure is generally considered to be autocratic and inflexible. The role of strategic management is set vision and direction for the company or firm. Determining culture and philosophy of organisation. Any decisions made by strategic manmagers will affect the whole organisation. Customer focussed policies will be part of overall business objectives. The manager will think a lot of customer care, so the customer care policy will exist in all parts of the organisation. Tactical management is the middle management, it is the implementation level. Responsible for taking strategic decisions and achieving them. They always determine pice which customers care a lot. Operational management is to deal with all aspects or operations. This kind of management is very important in field customer care. If the complex take this structure, it will be easy to control becasuse of the narrow span, every employee will kow his job clearly, there will be clear lines of responsibility and control. If the organisation has a clear management structure , it will contribute customers’ confidence. 3.0 Organisational...
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