The Analysis of Sex/Gender Related Taiwanese Proverbs

Topics: Male, Female, Sex Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: May 24, 2013
The Analysis of Sex/Gender Related Taiwanese Proverbs
Chia-Hui Wu
Graduate Student, Graduate School of Human Sexuality, Shu-Te University of Science & Technology, Taiwan

Taiwanese proverbs are not only beautiful but also easy to read, which bear the wisdom of the ancestors. The truth of life is shown in plain short words. According to Chen Hua-Min, Taiwanese proverbs have accumulated human experience and wisdom in their lifetime, spreading and passing on among the general public. They reflect an era, and the perspective of people’s feelings, wisdom, experience and characteristics. They are used to teach people how to behave as a male or female in the most suitable way. Furthermore, there are plenty of social cultural functions in them. Most of the time, we may follow the traditional ethic standards through Taiwanese proverbs. The descriptions of these proverbs which portrait the interactions between males and females are the best reflections of the social surroundings at that time. The proverbs often hear in everyday life, reflecting the sex /gender related phenomena. The study is discussing about the content of these standards and rules including the three aspects: marriage, reproduction and external conditions. Everything mentioned in this study is expected to explain the meanings and inspirations of these sex/gender related Taiwanese proverbs to the modern society. 摘 要

 台灣諺語不但押韻優美,讀來順口,其中更蘊藏著先民的智慧結晶,人生道理在淺顯簡短的詞語中得以彰顯。陳華民《台灣俗語話講古》書中提到「俗諺俚語,乃人類智慧,及生活經驗所得之簡練精闢之短語,它反映了一個時代,及民族之生活觀照、感受、智慧、經驗和特性。」(陳華民, 1998),洪惟仁《台灣哲諺典》指出「諺語,是基於人類細密的觀察和人生經驗所創造,經過無數人雕琢,沿用而成的簡潔語句。」(洪惟仁,1994)。...
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