The Analysis of Financial Position of Heineken, Carlsberg and Saigon Beer Company

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The analysis of financial position of Heineken, Carlsberg and Saigon Beer Company The analysis of financial position of Heineken, Carlsberg and Saigon Beer Company

Le Dinh Quang |
Do Thi Tra Mi|

Academy of International Finance and Accounting
Education: Accountancy

The analysis of financial position of Heineken, Carlsberg and Saigon Beer Company

Le Dinh Quang (Leo)| St.No. 153452|
Do Thi Tra Mi (Kathy)| St.No. 154723|

Mr Harm.Postma|
Mr J.J Bodewes|

Deventer, the Netherlands
May 2012

* Prefatory Note

Our dissertation is about the financial ratios analysis based on information from financial statements of three beer companies: Heineken Beer Company in the Netherlands, Carlsberg Beer Company in Denmark and Saigon Beer Company in Vietnam. We will analyze their business performance in the period 2009, 2010 and 2011, and the significance of financial management. Ultimately, we give suggestions and recommendations for Saigon Beer Company. All of information and literature used are collected from internet sources, published books and course books which are reliable. We would love to contribute the results and findings on this paper to the development of our country, in terms of economy, and particularly, the beer industry. This report does not only aims at Saigon Beer Company but also other beer companies in Vietnam. The other targeted groups in our report are investors, shareholders, creditors and suppliers who are concerned about financial health of the three companies. Furthermore, our dissertation can be useful for future courses. It means that new students can use this report as a reference document for their study. Due to the limitations of time and budget, the report encounters some restrictions. For that reason, we can only conduct the report based on public information of the chosen companies even though some ratios require internal materials. First of all, we would love to thank Mr. Harm Postma and Mr. J.J Bodewes, Lecturers Finance and Accounting of Saxion University of Applied Science, for their valuable guidance and motivation to this assignment. We are also grateful to our families for their care and support despite they are in Vietnam. Last but not least, our greatest thanks are to our friends who are always beside and give us useful advices.

Le Dinh Quang and Do Thi Tra Mi.
Deventer, the Netherlands, May 2012.

* Summary

“John Thompson, CEO, Symantec Corporation, a high-growth Internet security firm, thinks so: I don’t believe you can manage what you don’t measure. A firm needs metrics that serve as an indication for the team about what you’re paying attention to.” (Keown, Martin, Petty & Scott JR, 2008). With the advice from an experienced CEO and the awareness of importance of financial analysis from lecture in class, we conduct this report. Our research is about analysis and evaluation business performance of three beer companies: Heineken in the Netherlands, Carlsberg in Denmark and Saigon Beer Company in Vietnam between the period 2009 and 2011. For the purpose, we would like to help Saigon Beer Company consolidate their financial position and expand its business; we considered performance of two leader beer companies in the world. Then, we can suggest solutions and recommendations for the problems of Saigon by examining two case companies. The main aim of this dissertation is answering the question below: “Which factors does Saigon Beer Company need to take into consideration in order to improve their financial management by analyzing two case companies Heineken and Carlsberg?” Firstly, the dissertation starts with some concepts and theories about financial analysis. Then, the real financial information of three companies in the period of time 2009, 2010 and 2011 is used to analyze and make comparisons. By using the ratios analysis combining with the...
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