The Analects of Confucius

Topics: Analects, Confucius, Arthur Waley Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: November 8, 2010
Using the analects of Confucius, can actually help the U.S society be wiser by choosing political figures that can actually improve the U.S government. The majority of the politicians don’t represent themselves how they should, but sadly individuals vote for them and in many cases he or she wins, the election. After reading the list of analects, it give me a better understanding to myself, “ What should a committed politician have? What morals and values he/she cherish?” The citizens of the U.S should read the two analects that fit a future politician, analects twenty and twenty-nine.

“ What the superior man seeks, is in himself. What the mean man seeks, is in others.” (The Analects of Confucius, XV.20). In other words, promote yourself and don’t talk about the others. A good example, is the recent TV commercial of politicians bashing one another, instead of promoting themselves. Saying how they can improve society and try to do the best, the changes to be positives to everyone. But, no just promoting how bad, their opponents are. This type of behavior just shows low-self confidence towards him/herself, is exactly like a bully messing around a little kid, trying to be the boss of the playground.

The quote is clear and simple for anyone to understand its meaning, there is a chance a politician to read it, out loud. He/she won’t probably ignore, the meaning, and continue the immature act of promoting oneself. There is a greater chance, that a voter reads the analect twenty and double think what the politician he/she is voting for has to offer to the community. If there is an answer, the vote will go, nothing is found, the voter might not vote for that party.

Another quote, “ The superior man is modest in this speech, but exceeds in his actions.” (The Analects of Confucius, XIV. 29). Clearly states, a modest speech with exceeds in actions. Many citizens in the U.S, either don’t want to get it in their heads or are just stupid, when a politician says “ I...
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