The Amish, Society and Culture

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  • Published: March 17, 2013
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Case study/Cross Cultural Comparison

The Amish is a group of traditionalist Christians that rely on simple living, plain dress and refuse to adapt to modern technology. The history of the Amish started in Switzerland in 1693 led by Jakob Amman. Today majority of the traditional descendants of the Amish live in Pennsylvania and Ohio. Family

In an average Amish family it consist of, a mother, father with an average of 7 children. Their grandparents play a vital part of the family because once they pass; the children inherit their land, property and wisdom. The father of the family is the bread winner (Providing the family with money, food and shelter). Many Amish men seek jobs in areas such as - Bakery

- Furniture shop
- Saw Mill
- Engine Repair ship
- Dry goods store etc.
The mother in the family is in charge of running the household; she is in charge of the cooking and the gardening because most Amish food is home grown. A young Amish girl is expected to learn the mother’s skills at running the household so she will be fully prepared when her time comes to run a household of her own. As for a traditional Australian a common family is called a nuclear family consisting of a mother, father and 2 children. Grandparents are normally sent to a retirement village because they are unstable to live and look after themselves. In most families the farther will normally be the bread winner but due to the current generation the mother or the father can support the family. Men who seek out for a job will depend on themselves and the knowledge and skill they have. Someone who has a lower experience job will probably be working in a factory or in construction (Labour Job) or someone who has studied and finished a degree is likely to be working in an office or running their own business. Roles and status

Roles within the Amish community are largely based on gender. Males provide leadership within the community. Though status in Australian cultural is what you provide for the community and the amount of income you earn. Depending on the job for example a doctor and a check out chick, the doctor has a higher role in the community because he saves life’s rather than a check out chick that sells clothes. There are a hierarchy of leadership in the Amish community. Church bishops are normally the leaders of the community; they are responsible for enforcing the rules and conducting ceremonies, such as baptisms and burials. Then comes the church ministers and deacons. Both of them form a ‘council of elders ‘. When an Amish child turns into a certain age, they’ll need to get baptised, that’s their last period of freedom before they accept the responsibilities of adulthood of the Amish church. Amish community allow adolescent Amish the choice to experience the world of “English “(Non Amish), so they can experience both cultures, known as rumschpringes. The Amish Community follow a particular ordnung (is a set of rules that Amish people follow). In the roles in my family the parents are the providers and look after the children. Many roles are decided by status and how you help provide the community as an individual. Conflict, Cooperation and Decision – Making

Amish society depends on cooperation. Accepting the ordnung, the Amish accept a set of values. The most outstanding example of the cooperative nature of the Amish community is the practice of barn rising. The entire community help build a barn on the property of an Amish Member. The women prepare a community meal for the noon break, and the children play games or act as runners for the men. The Amish cannot completely avoid the modernisation and the media. This is a conflict to Amish society and how American television has reported on accusations of child abuse within the Amish community. Amish people are relatively not affected by media because they, but they still have to national laws, and interaction with government welfare agencies. People in the Amish community may...
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