The American Revolutionary War and American Slavery Movement Were Wars Fought to Revolutionize American Freedom and Were for the Same Purpose of Equal Rights

Topics: Boston Tea Party, American Revolution, Sons of Liberty Pages: 3 (1040 words) Published: February 11, 2013
In 1776, the population census claimed 2,929,214 individuals earned their freedom from England through the Revolutionary war, meanwhile 757,208 Africans were kept bound against their will in slavery (Braudel pp. 22). Many Americans died in the war to win their national freedom from England, slaves in turn felt they had earned just the same respect to abolishing slavery. The American Revolutionary war and American Slavery movement were wars fought to revolutionize American freedom and were for the same purpose of equal rights. There were many causes leading up to the Revolutionary War, which Americans considered unjust and invasive enough to expect war with Britain. Beginning in 1763, the British began taxing the colonists heavily after defeating France during the French and Indian War. Many colonists felt they were being taken advantage of, as they had been dragged into war because it was fought on their land. Many British forces were killed during the war, which gave reason for the Crown to view the colonists heavily in debt to their service. When France lost the war it ended with them ceding much of the lands west of the Appalachian Mountains, which Britain declared off limits and unexplorable. A reoccurring trend in early American history was persistent westward expansion, after being told they could not advance into the land, the ruling turned many Americans away from the unfair British declarations and seek a more independent union. (Braudel 54-56) Following the Proclamation of 1763 Britain began an aggressive taxing plan, as the French and Indian War had nearly doubled their national debt (Braudel 60). In order to successfully claim these taxes Britain had stretch an already exhausted military to keep government officials safe. At the time, the Sons of Liberty, comprised of American radical patriots, often took the law into their own hands by rebelling against laws they felt unjust by tar and feathering British tax collectors. The Crown first demanded...
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