The American Revolution

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  • Published : April 19, 2006
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I think that through all of the revolutions it was something like a chain reaction. One country had problems and the people decided to take action and do something about it. They revolted and made things better or worse for themselves. Through this other countries heard about it or saw it first hand, giving them the same ideas to so the same when it times became hard. I think when wars between competing European countries took place and the end result was something that the people in that area of the change didn't like is what cause many revolts. Just like the issue with the immigration problem now, people have different ways of looking at it. In a way those people that are protesting and trying to state their points now are revolting because of a change. I also believe that when it comes to down to how controlling a government or Empire is on its people too. If you make the people in which live in your country or Empire do certain thing only in one way and give them no say you are looking for some type of revolt. The only thing a government or Empire can really do is what United States does today, be more for the people. Let them voice their wants and needs and hopefully you can make the best decision for all and keep from having a major revolt on you nation or Empire. I think that revolutions expanded literacy and new political ideas in many ways. Just like the people learn that a revolution could cause a change in where they lived and it hopefully makes things better, the governments or empires learn something too. They learned on how to control their nations or Empires better. They learn about things like discussing thing with their people and voting. Through many years of trial and error things will always work themselves out I think and that is what I think happen in this case. Seeing what other countries or Empires did to solve their revolts help those who where having the same types of problems. When that didn't work for one country or...
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