The American Pass Time

Topics: Major League Baseball, Baseball, Emotion Pages: 3 (1005 words) Published: March 11, 2013
The American Pass Time
Sports are a main stay in American culture. Every time you walk into a restaurant or turn on the radio, sports are involved. Most people read about them daily in a news paper, or hear about them on the news. Sports were probably involved in your childhood either playing a sport or attending a high school event. If it were not for sports there would be no homecoming dances or parades. There would be no cheerleaders or marching bands. Can anyone imagine their high school experience without sports? Making most of us a sports fan in one way or another. Some people are football fans, and some are basketball fans, even fewer soccer fans. There is a special kind of fan out there, baseball fans. “Baseball s isn’t a game; it is a way of life.” America has always had a connection with the game of baseball. It has been played and enjoyed by generations of Americans. Baseball has had such an influence it is considered the American pass time, and is nick named the American game. The game has given us heroes and villains alike. Along as this country has been around there has been baseball. Baseball has been regarded as the American pass time for generations, but most people do not realize the emotional, financial, and economic effects that the game has on its fans and society. Fans have a special emotional connection with their baseball team. This bond usually starts as a small child watching their favorite teams. Looking up at the TV, or out from the stands rooting for their favorite player. Those players become much more than just guys with a bat, and glove, running around a diamond. They become role models, someone to look up to. They become emotional heroes. These heroes inspire young baseball fans to continue of the right path and stay out of trouble. Some of these greats become villains. They show fans what to stay away from, how even the great baseball players are not immune to regular everyday problems. Fans also have emotional reactions to a...
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