The American Marketing Association

Topics: Marketing, Employment, Eastern Illinois University Pages: 4 (1064 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Title: The American Marketing Association at EIU
Specific Purpose: To inform the audience about The American Marketing Association Thesis Statement: The American Marketing Association is a national group that has 75 years worth of experience in helping professionals and students utilize their talents and preparing all for the ever changing market.

Attention Getter: In todays modern world, everyday we look for new young people to carry on our businesses and provide new and upcoming ideas for our financial world. Introduction Concept: My interaction with AMA has lead me to look into the large institution that spreads all through our country and beyond. Eastern Illinois University provides a national chapter on campus called the American Marketing Association also known as AMA. Preview Statement: Today I will provide to you an insight into the history of AMA, valuable professional skills it can teach you and the networking opportunities that come along with it. Transition: Now for a look into the history and legacy of the American Marketing Association.

Main Point #1. The American Marketing Association is rich in history and tradition and it brings great opportunities to students here at Eastern Illinois.
A. First began in 1937 with with 584 charter members from 10 different professional chapters.
1. According to the AMA 75th year anniversary letter, there were charters in Philadelphia, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Washington, D.C., Boston, Cleveland, Southern California, Chicago, Cincinnati and San Francisco.

2. Shortly after its establishment, AMA started sprouting up all over the nation on college campuses and creating a new society for students to experience the always growing business market.

B.The AMA stretches to each corner of the United States and is known on a global scale.
1. Accoring to the AMA’s homepage, the association has now swelled to 78 professional chapters and 350 college charters all around the United...
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