The American History

Topics: Articles of Confederation, United States Constitution, George Washington Pages: 2 (301 words) Published: January 31, 2013
Caleb Cobos
Period 4
October 9, 2012

Timeline #3 Pages 166-210

1775- Quakers founded the world’s first antislavery society. 1774- Continental Congress called for the complete abolition of the slave trade. 1776- New Jersey’s new constitution enabled women to vote. 1777- Articles of Confederation adopted by second Continental Congress. 1780- Massachusetts adopts first constitution drafted in convention and ratified by popular vote. 1781- Articles of confederation put into effect.

1783- Military officers form society of the Cincinnati.
1785- Land Ordinance of 1785.
1786- Virginia statute for Religious Freedom shays’s Rebellion. 1786- Meeting of five states to discuss revision of the Articles of Confederation. 1787- Northwest Ordinance.
1788- Ratification by nine states guarantees a new government under the constitution. 1787- First Coin that was authorized by congress.
1788- A Triumphant Cartoon.
1787- Only forty-two of the original fifty-five members remained to sign the constitution. 1787- Signing of the Constitution of the United States.
1787- Debtors Protest.
1789- Overseas shipping had largely regained its place in the commercial world. 1786- Interstate squabbling became a issue.
1789- Constitution formally put into effect.
1789- Judicary Act of 1789.
1789- Washington elected president.
1789- French Recolution begins.
1790- First official census.
1791- Bill of Rights adopted.
1791- Vermont becomes fourteenth state.
1791- Bank of the United States created.
1791- Excise tax passed.
1792- Washington reelected as president.
1793-Louis XVI beheaded;j radical phase of French Revolution. 1793-France declares war on Britain and Spain.
1793-Washington’s Neutrality Proclamation.
1793-Citizen Genet affair.
1794-Whiskey Rebellion.
1794-Battle of Fallen Timbers.
1794-Jay’s Treaty with Britain.
1795- Treaty of Greenville: Indians cede Ohio.
1795-Pinckney’s Treaty with Spain.
1796-Washington’s Farewell address.
1797-Adams becomes...
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