The American High School System

Topics: High school, Education, Teacher Pages: 2 (640 words) Published: December 19, 2011
The American High School System
In the controversial essay, Let Teenagers Try Adult hood , written by Leon Botstein, he proposes that High schools create artificial worlds that keep adults back, and serve inadequately for the student’s personal needs. He suggests the solution is to radically disband the entire High School system or reforming High school into a place where kids study their personal interests so they can go from secondary education, directly into the “Real World”. It appears to me, that the dullness of today’s education in the current school systems, the inadequate teaching and the monotonous life at school, increases the dropout rate. In the current system, an environment is created which is not fair to the student and makes learning harder in School because of the lack quality in teaching and the social pressures which students face every day. If the student was encouraged to be self-taught, and or taught by a mentor, the result would be a more fully learned student. I propose that the High school system not be totally scrapped, but redefined to cater the needs of each student. The final result would be a more engaged individual and a more fully educated society. Regardless of the many short falls in education, it should not completely disband. As Horace Mann summed up, education is the “equalizer of man” and without it, distinctions arise in the social classes dividing man from one another through higher levels of intelligence. The answer which address’s the lack and quality of education would be by instituting the liberal arts method of learning as Todd Gitlin suggests, since it teaches all of the basics skills which one needs to further one education out of school on their own. In retrospect it would create a society which could think on its own two feet. This plan of action would create a rebirth of a modern day enlightenment movement. The current movement to address the lack of education has been failingly tried to be fixed by...
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