The American Healthcare Delivery System

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Unit 5 IP 1 The American Healthcare Delivery System|
The Ethical and Legal Aspects of Healthcare|


The American medical care system is centered on patients and their needs using tools such as pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, specialty fields, training institutions, and rehabilitation. These individual sectors assist in the delivery of healthcare to ensure that patients receive the care they require and deserve. This health care model is similar to the ancient Greece model of Aesculapius who was a strict patient and health care provider that was aggressively centered on the patient. However, this type of healthcare is currently costing approximately $3 billion per day. This does not mean that all Americans are receiving good care, if any at all. (Fremgen, 2009). Many U.S. citizens are concerned about the cost of services and access to medical care, therefore, alternate measures must be considered to effectively ensure the health of the nation. There is another model from this historical time called Hygeia that focused on prevention in the context of public interest. Today this prevention would correspond with measures such as health screenings, diet and exercise, counseling, immunizations, and preventative medications. By creating a health care system that is efficient and effective, the citizens of the U.S. can live much healthier lives.

Such tools as pharmaceutical and insurance companies, specialty fields, training groups, and rehabilitation concentrate on the individuals needs pertaining to treatment. The pharmaceutical companies provide the medications to control or cure a particular illness or ailment. Prescriptions can cost anywhere from $3 (Wal-Mart, and/or CVS generic) to $100+ for a single bottle of medication. Most prescriptions are prescribed after the person has already been diagnosed and is ready for treatment. These treatments can also assist in maintaining a particular level of health. The...
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