The American Dream, Fact or Fallacy?

Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: November 25, 2012
The American Dream
Fact or Fallacy

The American Dream is something that many in this country have looked after as a goal that they wish to reach. Others, who have tried to reach it but couldn't believe that it is something of the past which is no longer attainable, in my opinion the only thing that's keeping these people from it is themselves. Unlike other countries we have numerous educational opportunities allowing almost anyone to raise themselves above where they started. Further, the way that our nation is set up, the success of an individual largely depends on their own efforts and determination to reach it. Unfortunately some people might believe that poverty keeps people from reaching the "Dream" and that success takes to much time, work , and money.

It may seem rational to think that that when your at the bottom its to hard to force your way to the top. Also the high percentage of unemployment, which in Michigan is around 15%, can seem completely discouraging, and all the competition for jobs can only make it harder. On the contrary just because a lot of people doesn't mean you have to be. In this century there are probably more types of jobs then there have ever been before and even though it may seem that they are only lower level, seemingly degrading, jobs at first whoever said that a little hard work was bad. From there you can at least get experience that will give you a leg up over others when you’re searching for future jobs.

Of coarse if you really don't want to start at a low paying job and work you way up than you could go to college. With all the scholarships available and financial aid provided by many colleges it's easy to get a degree and qualify for loads of high paying careers. My mom, for example, was tired of having to work three jobs and only getting a few hours of sleep each night, just to feed my brother and me, and pay the bills. So with a little help from student loans she want back to college and is now a radiology tech...
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