The American Dream and the Mode of Production in “Bordertown”.

Topics: Sociology, Karl Marx, Relations of production Pages: 3 (1159 words) Published: April 27, 2013
The American dream and the mode of production in
Prominent Karl Marx’s theory on the division of labor and the social class structure, as outlined by his concept of “the mode of production”, directly relates to social equality, ideology, and social economic power. “The mode of production” is understood to be the basis from which the majority of other social concepts, such as the relations between social classes, political and legal systems, work relations, morality and ideology, and many other phenomena, arise. These social concepts form the superstructure, for which the economic system forms the base. This theory is also related to ordinary people’s struggle for truth, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness also known as “American Dream”. We all came to America looking for better opportunities and for “American dream”. Yet, as Karl Marx said, the opportunities are not available for everybody. The ruling elite keeps all money and means of production to itself, and uses the rest of us as cheap labor that shares one common denominator – poverty. The laws of the state or the nation are made to serve the interests of the powerful elite, and not the society as a whole. The laws about social control, power, or dominance have nothing to do with justice, equality, or fairness. Karl Marx demonstrates that those who make and interpret the laws are from the upper class of society, and have very strong connections to business elite. Recent events, such as bailout of the Wall Street institutions, demonstrate how the criminal justice system is used to protect the interests of the powerful elite against the lower class and political dissenters. The laws shape the way people think about the world and naturalize the current arrangements. Also, the powerful elite have a prevalent say in what is heard and said about society because they control mass media outlets. The ruling elite shapes reality by its ideology, and through this ideology it propagates the...
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