The American Dream...Achievable or Not

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  • Published : February 15, 2013
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Kali Rhines
Mrs. Schrotenboer
English 10
30 October 2012
The American Dream…Achievable or Not?
Everyone has their own idea of what an American dream consists of. Any dream can be an American dream even if the dream is to live in your parent’s basement until your 45. An American Dream can be anything as long as it is attainable under our government’s laws and constitution. Someone’s dream could be to grill burgers at a local restaurant, while another persons dream could be to own their own company. Any American dream is achievable if you put in the effort needed to achieve that dream.

In my opinion there is not just a single dream that everyone strives to accomplish in life because any dream is accomplishable. Our dreams are affected by our beliefs, hopes, ambitions, and our competitive desires to succeed in life. During the 1800’s through the present day America has people from all over the world immigrating here. Every one of those committed travelers has come here for different reasons. Some came for the land to farm; on the other hand some came so they could escape religious persecution. The one thing they all had in common was that they believed in the American dream. I believe we take what we have for granted because we do not stop to think twice about what we are allowed to buy, what we can wear, and most of all how lucky we are to have the freedoms we have compared to other people. In controlled areas in this world people do not have those luxuries. An American dream could be as simple as having the ability to choose. For others the want and desires are far greater than just having the ability to make decisions on their own.

If you fight for your dream; you can accomplish the dream. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream that every man, women, and child would be free no matter their race. His dream was accomplished through peaceful protests and boycotts. Even through all the killings, beatings, and bombings they did not retaliate with...
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