The American Dream

Topics: Frank Norris, McTeague, Want Pages: 2 (747 words) Published: April 22, 2012
Kenneth Lay once said “we had realized the American Dream and were living a very expensive lifestyle, the type of lifestyle where it is difficult to turn off the spigot.” Kenneth Lay was the CEO of Enron; he was caught with stealing millions of dollars from the company. He was trying to live the American Dream, and he would stop at nothing to reach it. Like many of the characters in Frank Norris’ McTeague, they too want money to be able to live the American Dream. Because once you get the fortune, you will live happily ever with no worries. So they say. In McTeague, Trina’s love for money drives her crazy, Zerkow ends up killing Maria because of her greed, and Marcus goes on a frantic man hunt to find McTeague and steal his money. In the end, their greed drives all of them to their fallouts. At the beginning of the book McTeague everything seems to be fine and dandy, until Trina and McTeague get married. Things take a turn for the worst. Trina’s uncle, Uncle Oelbermann, gives the couple a gift of five thousand dollars. This is when Trina starts to become obsessed with money and it will eventually drive her crazy. She soon becomes so obsessed that she starts hiding all of her extra earnings from McTeague. She refuses to buy a house because she knows that they can find one that is way cheaper. She refuses to buy gloves to protect her hands from the wood carving she does because she feels she does not need them. But later on she finds out that she get lead poisoning from the paint because she had a cut and ends up losing two fingers all because of her greed and the need to feel like she is on top. It even goes so far the she cleans the money and does not want to accept anything that looks dirty and she also plays with the money and even lays in the bed naked with the money. In a way it is like she is thanking the money for giving her what she has. Even if it is not the best of things, it still got her what she has today and some extra spending money to get nice...
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