The American Dream

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The American Dream
America, the land of the free, where all your dreams can be put into reality. This is the statement that drives many people to leave their homes in search of a better life. Through hard work and determination anything in America is possible. The right steps are needed but it takes you lifting your own feet and continuing to go even when all seems lost. What we Americans don’t always deem special, other countries would be lucky to have even half of what we are just given. The reason many Americans believe “The American Dream” is not available to everybody is because they themselves are too lazy or unwilling to do the hard work that it takes to achieve your goals and life plans.

One of the articles from “They live the American dream” written by Dan Rater, in paragraph one about Delores Kesler, this story talks about how her determination in having a good business made her successful. The government gave her the opportunity by giving her a ten thousand dollar loan in order to start how own business. Delores had struggles to overcome in the beginning of trying to get her job established, it says “Divorced and with a small child, she began her career at twenty two with a series of dead- end jobs, struggling to make ends meet.” (pg. 41) A single mother without out help, and two mouths to feed, she did something remarkable because she set her goals on what she wanted to do with her company to better her daughter and herself.

Walt Disney once said, “All your dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue.” There is always going to be bumps along the way to hold you back but if you stand strong and keeping going after that dream eventually you will catch up. You are not always given a side walk to follow when you walk and that’s just life, meaning sometimes you have to find a new way to get back onto the path that will lead your life. The one thing you can never do is give up, as soon as you start you gain momentum you can’t stop for...
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