The American Dream

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By: Tarik Jenkins The American Dream

What’s the American dream? The American dream is the belief that life should be tranquil and you should be able to buy whatever you want and whenever you want it. Also it’s the belief that you work hard, make money and life a fruitful life one life with your wife and kids. My opinion of the American dream is that I believe that anyone can accomplish it if they truly want to. But you must prosper through diligence and hard work and have the ability to contain hope. Also another way you could accomplish The American dream is to push your own limits and proceeds in order to lead Efficacious lives and attain whatever goals they create. The American Dream is also a reality. Every person of the United States of America has the opportunity this achievement no matter what preconceptions they may face, depending on their grit and blessing. Do I believe in the American dream? I would have to say no. My motive for this because I personally live my life the way I want to, I don’t need money or a big house, all I want do in life is to just relish it and live it to its fullest. Another reason why I do not believe in it is because I don’t need some government attempting to tell me what my life should be like. My future and my goals are for me to resolve and me only. Though achieving “The American Dream” may be hard, anyone alive can achieve it. The reason why is because all you have to do is set some goals for yourself and try as hard as you can to achieve it without fails. If you were to fail, just get back up and keep trying. You see, everyone has their own opinion of the American Dream. Anyone could set the smallest goal and accomplish it, and that would be there American goal if they choose it to. Out of all the dreams in the world people want to accomplish, I’d have to say The American Dream would have to be the easiest.
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