The American Dream

Topics: Truth Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: February 4, 2013
The American Dream: Myth or Reality?
Are you living the “American Dream”? Most people spend the majority of their lives searching for something, for who they are, for what they want out of life, and for something that makes it all worthwhile: therefore, when those things are all attained one experiences a sort of bliss, of contentment, that society considers the “American Dream”. Therefore, it is my firm belief that the “American Dream”, which is different for everyone, is, in fact, a complete and total reality. Furthermore, the reason I am a true believer is because every time I have asked someone if they are living their “Dream”, they have all replied, “Yes.” Actually, it is almost odd, seeing as most do not end up living exactly as they had planned, that so many people are living the “Dream” in such a hard time in America and the world for that matter, but contentment comes in all shapes and sizes. In addition, according to The 2010 MetLife Study of the American Dream, “Not one component of the dream has changed [since the study MetLife™ completed four years ago],” which means no matter how tough circumstances may get in America Americans are not willing to lower their standards or change their dreams. Moreover, it is this resolve that makes the “American Dream” what it is today, an unwavering symbol of hope that may lose some meaning individually but will never die out completely.

In addition, my mother once said to me,” You have no idea what you mean to me. You and John Martin are my everything,” and looking at my mother today, nobody would believe me if I told them that she never wanted kids. However, Shelia Messamore is living the “American Dream” and she “wouldn’t change anything”. People like my mother are who inspire me to want to do everything in my power to achieve the “Dream” which makes her a prime example that the “American Dream” is a reality, and the unfortunate fact that some think it is a myth is simply because their Dream has not yet been...
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