The American Dream's Feasibility

Topics: The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald, United States Pages: 2 (844 words) Published: December 18, 2011
The American Dream’s Feasibility
The American Dream, a source of infinite hope and optimism for the population of America, but is it really likely that it will transform into a reality for most Americans? The answer to this is that no, the American Dream is not a feasible goal for many Americans because of their definition of the dream, the changing expectations from the dream and the stability of the dream leading to crushed hopes and feelings of incompleteness. Firstly, many Americans are not able to create a life outlined by the American Dream because of their definitions of this concept. Most believe that as a result of working hard, they will be able to achieve the life of unlimited success and wealth along with a loving supportive family. In reality, an individual cannot have everything they wish for because they believe it is the American Dream to have a richer, fuller life. What is overlooked in the definition is that this richer, fuller life can be achieved according to one’s abilities and achievements. Some people chase an impossible dream of plenty of wealth and as a result they do not pay importance to further aspects of good life such as family and friends. This results in complete unhappiness because of severed or non-existent relationships and not possessing the level of wealth that one wanted. Some people also chase the dream of being wealthy and acquire it as well but in the process they fail to make lasting bonds with other individuals resulting in a rich, lonely life and death. This is evident in the Great Gatsby in which Jay Gatsby chased and eventually gains an abundance of wealth. In the process though, he failed to form relationships with people because he was blinded by his obsession of wealth and Daisy who is the epitome of wealth. Gatsby eventually dies rich and alone with scarcely anyone, not even Daisy, at his funeral. Owing to the misconception of the definition of American Dream, individuals spend most of their time and energy in...
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