The American Culture Is Rich

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American Culture

The American Culture is rich, complex, and unique. Our culture, which is an important component of the nation's identity, emerged from short, rapid European invasion of the Americas, sparsely settled by diverse native peoples. The African’s arrival added yet another layer of unique cultural complexity to the territories named the New World. These three cultures, European, Indian, and African were very different and yet a lot alike. Their ways of life were greatly diverse although they did share some similarities. It is a combination of these differences and similarities being brought together that have become part of the foundation for the cultivation of a new culture. With so many different foreign cultures being combined to form the American Culture, there are vast differences among different people based what sub-cultures they belong to. These variations can be seen in the areas of social class, race, technology, sports, language, and religion.

Social class is generally described as a combination of educational attainment, income and occupational prestige. There are, however, no clearly defined class boundaries and the nature of any class limits remains arbitrary. There are three social classes each with their own sub-culture. These three social classes are upper class, middle class, and lower class. The classes are determined greatly by occupation, education, personal income, and net worth. Most Americans are said to be middle class.

Race in the United States is based on physical characteristics and skin color. It has played an essential part in shaping American society even before the nation's conception. Until the civil rights movement in the 1960s all races, besides whites, were discriminated against. Although three out of four people in the United States are white, America is made up of races from all corners of the globe.

Americans are fascinated by new technology. Many of the new technological innovations in the modern world...
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