The American Colonies

Topics: Thirteen Colonies, United States, Plymouth Colony Pages: 3 (1275 words) Published: April 21, 2013
The American Colonies.
Erik Martinez
U.S. History, 2nd semester, 3rd block
Coach Chatham
March 12, 2013

Since the discovery of the “New World” many European super powers looked to colonize and expand their riches and trading powers throughout this new found continent. The British took great advantage of this with controlling everything on the east of the Appalachian Mountains and sea routes across the Atlantic. Upon their arrival the British had to encounter with many endeavors from the climate, geography, and native interaction until they reached a stable and powerful colonial rule. The American colonies are one of the greater and most successful of other colonies up to date. The way historians have set up the American colonies geographically is in three sections, the northern, middle, and southern colonies. Each colony was set up for different regions may it be for agriculture or religious freedom. These colonies are what set up a strong base for the British to dominate and settle for a good 100 years until the colonies unite and gain independence. These 13 colonies all have a type of legislative government, economic control, and major religious practice. The northern colonies or also referred to as the New England colonies, are mostly known for their search of religious freedom. The most notorious of which the American public knows of are the Pilgrims of the Mayflower whom landed on Plymouth Rock in 1620, present day Massachusetts. A large portion of these settlers practiced the puritan faith; this faith dominated the colony up to the early 17th century. The pilgrims shortly after arriving elected and made William Bradford mayor of the new founded colony. The first year on this colony was a bit harsh on them because they had to suffer threw a harsh winter killing several of the first to arrive from the Mayflower. The middle colonies were set up more as for economic reasons it seems. There is a larger more diverse culture also in this area. The...
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