The American and French Revolutions

Topics: American Revolution, United States, United States Declaration of Independence Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: April 18, 2013
Comparative Essay: American and French Revolutions

The Atlantic revolutions had a big impact on the development of world history. Starting with the American Revolution, where Americans fought for their independence from Great Britain, each subsequent revolution took ideas and courage from the previous one. A similarity of the first two Revolutions, the French and the American, was that they were both erected from an economic crisis. Some differences were that the French, right after their monarchy ended, became an empire and then a republic whereas, the American became a republic. Also, the French Revolution was considered much more radical then the American. The economical crisis required the people to pay heavy taxes to their government, which led to their uprising. Concerning the economic crisis, both the American and the French were at an all time low. After the French Indian War, Great Britain was in serious debt. Many extra taxes were put in to place to pay for the war. Acts that included the Stamp Act, Townshed Act, Sugar Act, Tea Act, and Quartering Act were all created to gain money from the American Colonies and control them. Because of this, the Americans decided that they had enough of the taxes and control and decided to revolt. The French economical crisis pretty much followed the same route and led to the French Revolution. After they helped the Americans in the Revolution, they faced depressing economical times. The third class of the French was hit heavily with the taxes, many to the bread bakers closed down because they couldn’t afford to keep it open. To top it all off, Marie Antoinette, the queen, deepened the resentment because of her expensive life style that was being paid for by them. This was one of the causes of the French revolution. One major difference that occurred after both the revolution was that while America became a republic right after their monarchy ended, France did not with the uprising of Napoleon who was named...
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