The Amazing Intonation Artist

Topics: Cubism, Diego Rivera, Mexico Pages: 4 (1518 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Mrs. Erickson
Art 104

The Amazing Intonation Artist
For my final research paper I chose one of the great painter in the art world. This artist is intonation painter. The paintings of this artist are so famous all over the world. This artist has lot of great painting. This artist is Mexican artist. In Mexico this artist this the only famous artist that mexico really had. This artist made Mexico proud to have to represent Mexico has a painter. When I saw the artist painting I just got in love with the painting. I ready know who this artist was but I when I saw the painting I want to know more about the artist and the painting. This artist is Diego Rivera one of the greats painter.

In 1886 Diego Rivera was born. He was born in Guanajuato, Mexico. His father name was Diego Rivera and his mother name was Maria Pilar. Diego’s parents were very good educated. His mother was teaching music and grammar at age of 18. His father was known as men of intelligence at the age of 15. Diego Rivera had a twin brother. Diego was the older but his twin brother died when he was about to be 2 years old. The Rivera family was depressed but mostly his mother was more. That Diego was cared by a nurse, a Tarascan Indian name Antonia. Antiona took Diego to her mountain village for two years. After he came back Diego not speak spanish. He spoke Tarascan. His mother called him little Indian. That was according to the book of Diego River by Pete Hall.

Diego was so different then the other children at his age. At the age of four he learned to read. He also walked earlier than most children at his age and talked in long sentences. Diego drew pictures anywhere he could reach like papers , in books , wall and other things. When Diego was five his sister was born. Her name was Maria like his mom. At the age six, Diego and his family move to Mexico city. When Diego was eight he want to go to school. The school that Diego went to was the Liceo Catolico...
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