The Alt's and Mr. Higashi

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Major Players
The major players pertaining to the case include: the Alt’s, Mr. Higashi, the JET Program and CLAIR. The Alt’s are a group of students who are involved in a program that allows them to leave their country of residence to work abroad in Japan. Kelly, a member of the Alt’s, is a 22 year old woman who lives in Alberta and has been working in Japan for the last six months. This is her first real job after graduating from the University of Alberta with a degree in Management. In addition, Kelly has a fairly good knowledge of the Japanese language. She decided to apply to the Japanese Exchange and Teaching Program (JET) so that she could begin a career in Canada with an advantage over other candidates and so that she can have fun and make money at the same time. Marc, who is a 27 year old Canadian, Suzanne, who is a 25 year old Britain, and Andrea, who is a 26 year old American, are also part of the Alt’s, a group of individuals within the JET Program. Mr. Higashi is a 44 year old English speaking man and has lived in Soto all his life. He works as an advisor to all English teachers at the Soto Board of Education. He is also responsible of supervising the JET participants. His major career goal is to become a principal. The Jet (Japanese Exchange and Teaching) Program is a program implemented by the Japanese Ministry of Education which aimed to invite native English speakers to Japan in order to assist in improving foreign language instruction. CLAIR, also known as, the Conference of Local Authorities for International Relations, is an organization responsible for implementing the JET Program in conjunction with the three Japanese Ministries. CLAIR’s role is vital to the JET Program because they essentially make sure that everything runs smoothly between all functions. CLAIR is also in charge of promoting the international exchange at the local level. Major Facts

The major facts pertaining to the case include:
Problems faced by JET participants (the Alt’s) during their stay in Japan should be addressed to the host institution supervisor. If the issues cannot be solved at the host level, then CLAIR must step in and resolve the matter. The Special Committee for Counselling and Training addresses questions in regards to JET participants. The Alt’s were given a working contract which stipulated the number of hours, number of vacation days, amount of sick leave allotted based on a North American contract provided by CLAIR. Kelly and other JET participants did not put in extra hours and were never asked to do so. Contract stipulates the following key criteria:

Jet participants only work Monday to Friday till 5:00pm. No mention of working on Saturdays.
20 paid holidays that can be taken consecutively or independently if approved by supervisor at least three days in advance (if less than 3 paid holidays consecutively). Otherwise employee must let supervisor know one month in advance. Employees are entitled to the following special paid holidays: Sick leave, Bereavement, Natural disaster, and Transportation System Failure. Employee must receive consent before taking the aforementioned special paid holidays. If employee cannot request special holiday right away, they must do so as soon as the conditions permit. Employee must provide doctor’s certificate for sick leave of three consecutive days. In addition, Board of Education, may request a medical certificate from any medical doctor they specify. Mr. Higashi aspires to be a school principal and this promotion his based on his own performance and how well he interacts with his subordinates. Mr. Higashi finds it inconvenient that JET participants do not speak Japanese. Mr. Higashi liked Kelly because she spoke Japanese well and since she has already lived in Japan. Also, Mr. Higashi is the only other employee who speaks English at the office. Mr. Higashi seems to push Kelly to try to sign up to Japanese cultural...
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