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The Alienated Misfits

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Franz Kafka writes an exhilarating novella called The Metamorphosis about a man named Gregor Samsa who suddenly wakes up one day finding himself transformed into a giant bug. Unexpectedly, his sister, who he is fairly close with along with his family treat him differently because of his transformation. Franz Kafka was of Jewish decent but grew up speaking German. Kafka was raised in a middle class family where he worked for an insurance company. He had five siblings and similarly to Gregor, Kafka had a good relationship with his sister. Kafka was diagnosed with tuberculosis and became very ill. He passed away due to starvation at the age of forty. Through Kafka’s writing there is a connection between the protagonist’s life and Kafka’s life. Also like Gregor, Kafka did not have a close relationship with his father. Throughout reading this novella it has become apparent that Kafka reflects this story metaphorically to his life. Considering Kafka’s biography gave a better understanding of the character Gregor. His battle and struggle with his own family was exposed through the vocabulary used in his novella. Kafka’s death was relatable to Gregor’s death because they both died of starvation. This unique and descriptive novella captivates the reader’s mind, causing the urge to want more with his deep descriptions and cultivating words. He described the ultimate truth about life; alienation is inevitable when one does not meet the standards of others. Family is essentially supposed to be a support system but Kafka seems to portray the Samsa family as the enemy. I feel compassion for Gregor throughout his traumatic transformation and sympathize with the fact that he has not only lost his life, but his family as well. Although Gregor changes physically, he does not change psychologically. His sister, once his best friend, demonstrates acts of neglect towards Gregor. At one point, his sister and mother “were clearing out his room; depriving him of everything that he...

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