The Alchemist Reaction Essay

Topics: Alchemy, Philosopher's stone, Paulo Coelho Pages: 3 (1019 words) Published: September 25, 2011
An above average novel is one that contains issues and topics that allows a reader (if they choose) to ponder what was being said and how that can be connected to real life. An even better novel doesn’t give a reader the choice. They will not only want to truly continue to think about the issues and themes presented throughout the story, but also to discuss them with others to get more insight and understanding. That was exactly what The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho was able to do. Many themes that Coelho brilliantly inserted into the storyline allow for conversation after reading the book. The obvious topic that came up throughout the series of events was the concept of “Personal Legends”. That topic was very important and meaningful, but there were two less identifiable (yet still as important) issues that stood out in a different way. They were the importance of friendship and how alchemy isn’t just turning metal into gold.

A common expression many people use is, “Two opinions are better than one”. That certainly applies to these topics and themes, making it important to converse about them with others. First, I spoke to my sister about the importance of friendship, since she and I share an amazing friendship and both know how important it is to us. She felt that friendship is one of the most important things for an individual to have because it gives you reassurance, the ability to hear others opinions (whether you agree with them or not), and overall happiness. Friends keep you going, listen to you, and give you guidance in everyday life. She also felt that good friendship is a necessity to be happy. It’s human nature to want to be cherished by someone else because it makes you feel important and wanted (two feelings most people probably want to have). Next, I gave my sister a synopsis about The Alchemist, since she has never read it, so she could apply her opinions to what occurred throughout the story. She felt that the friends Santiago made...
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