The Alchemist

Topics: Divination, Urim and Thummim Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: November 27, 2011
Alchemist Essay
Throughout The Alchemist, Santiago travels on a tremendous journey, transforming from a simple, Andalusian Sheppard boy, to a wise and powerful individual. Along the way he experiences certain revelations and discoveries from Melchizedek, the crystal merchant, and the alchemist.

Body Paragraph #1:
Santiago first meets Melchizedek, while passing through the town of Tarifa. Melchizedek appears as an old Spanish man, and introduces himself as, “The King of Salem.” This King introduces three important concepts that will follow Santiago along his journey. These concepts include personal legends, the soul of the world, and omens. Personal legends are what everyone on earth is destined to do with their life or what a person most desires to accomplish in their life. This requires hard work and the mental striving to reach the goal/legend. (Personal Legend Quote-and analyzing of the quote) Through Santiago’s dream, he realizes that his own personal legend is to travel to the pyramids of Egypt to uncover his treasure. The soul of the world is the interconnectedness of all of nature and its cooperating elements. This means that if you are striving to achieve your personal legend, nature and the elements of the world will conspire to help you reach it. (Soul of the World Quote- and analyzing of the quote). The final main concept that Melchizedek introduces to Santiago is the concept of omens. Omens are signs placed upon your path to help you reach your personal legend. Omens are often subtle and may be difficult to follow. This is because achieving your personal legend is not supposed to be easy. Melchizedek also hands over Urim and Thummim to Santiago. These are two stones that represent “Yes” and “No” when trying to interpret and read omens. Personal Legends, the Soul of the World, and Omens are three key ideas that the King of Salem explains the Santiago. Santiago takes these ideas with him along his journey to discover his...
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