The Alchemist

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  • Published : December 16, 2010
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Having the ability to succeed to your personal legend, and find self discovery allows people to open their minds and see the world for what it really is and how everything has a purpose in life. The story The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, Santiago makes great change from beginning, to the end of his journey. From the start Santiago is just a shepherd with a small flock of sheep but when he learns of his personal legend, all of this changes. Initially, Santiago thinks he has fulfilled his goal by roaming the hills of Andalusia by being a simply shepherd. He believes that being a shepherd is a way of traveling but he never thought about what else could be out in the world. However, an old man who claims is the king of Salem comes to Santiago to give him the chance to travel more and see the greatness of the world, and to find his own personal legend. In the end, Santiago travels much farther than he ever dreamed about and see that everything in life is connected and becomes his own alchemist. Often in life, people are content with doing the same every day chores because there heart shows fear when they dream about dropping everything to find their own personal legend, because people do this they never succeed in finding true happiness or self – discovery through the journey they should have followed. However, if people can open up their mind to seeing the world around them they can follow their personal legend to its conclusion, since it is a person’s only real obligation in life.

According to Undrai Fizer, "When you have discovered your destiny in God, you have just found the compass of life. Your destiny is the purpose or intentions of God for your life." Therefore, an understanding of our destiny is important to improve our stay here on Earth. Initially, the protagonist wants to stay with his flock of sheep and be a simple shepherd who travels the hills of Andalusia. But Paulo Coelho teaches us the importance of self- discovery by taking us through the...
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