The Alchemist

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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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A dream is an inspiration to pursue a goal in life. However, personal legends are a part of a soul and when successfully flourished it will make a person extraordinary blissful. Personal legends at times can be very difficult to conquer, but if a person is affected by fear they will not be able to pursue their dream. Paulo Coelho’s novel The Alchemist and Eminem’s Lose Yourself both desire to never give up on a dream, but to pursue a personal legend. In The Alchemist, the main character Santiago does not give up when bestowed upon tough challenges on the path to his personal legend. Therefore, in Eminem’s Lose Yourself, it depicts a man having trouble to follow his dream to become a successful artist. As people follow their personal legend, they often encounter problems during their way. These problems desire thorough choices that determine whether people will accomplish their personal legend or not. In The Alchemist, Santiago travels to Tangier, where he meets a young boy who unfortunately robs Santiago. Santiago starts to cry with regret and sorrow about his journey, and starts to second guess himself whether he should even be here, “He was so ashamed that he wanted to cry.”(Pg.39)Similarly, in Eminem’s Lose Yourself, “He knows that, but he’s broke.” Both of these quotes represent hard times during their path to their personal legend, but thinking positive and never giving up on a personal legend will make people very blessed. If people don’t fulfill their dream, they will have regret and might never have that opportunity again. To successfully follow a dream people often encounter severe problems, problems where people second guess themselves, and whether they want to move on or not. In The Alchemist, Santiago met a young woman named Fatima, he is much in love with her but he has to make a tough sacrifice to leave without Fatima to finish pursuing his personal legend, “I’m going away, Santiago said. And I want you to know that I’m coming back. I love you...
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