The Aim of Man

Topics: Definition, Happiness, Ethics Pages: 2 (699 words) Published: October 14, 2010
Khouanchay (Kay) Krueger
Mr. Matthew Adams
English 150-SB – Annotation 4
October 9, 2010
Aristotle – “The Aim of Man”
Aristotle starts off in his essay explaining the definitions of Good, Primacy of Statecraft and the study of Ethics. He defines good as where all things are to be aimed, for example health. He then defines Statecraft as citizens of a state, a country, and of the world need to do good for their own good but more importantly for the good of the state. He also characterizes various types of good. Finally, the definition on study of Ethics. This talks about the pure excellence of justice that involves the disagreements and agreements of uncertainty and certainty. Aristotle also talks about happiness and where a certain point can be overlooked and how arguments can be led from first principles. First principles came about in a variety of ways: by induction, direct perception, and habituation. The question then leads to where the sources of happiness come from but a result of virtue of learning or some kind of training. Because the virtue of learning and the some kind of training is rewarded by a blessing that is generally shared but with the exception of the virtue being stunted. Aristotle concludes his essay by examining the most human element, the soul, and its relationship to virtue. Aristotle’s definition of happiness is, “Happiness is a certain activity of the soul in accordance with perfect virtue”.

Aristotle point he is conveying throughout his essay is that the end and aim of all that we do is happiness. His most prominent rhetorical technique that he uses is definition. He confirms the definition of happiness several times in his essay; which makes his writing strategy even more substantial. In the section, “Confirmation by Popular Beliefs”, he isolates happiness as the ultimate good. Aristotle uses the example of competitors at the Olympic Games. Aristotle says, “In life…those who carry off the finest prizes are those who manifest...
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