The Aghori

Topics: Hinduism, Cannibalism, Shiva Pages: 5 (1518 words) Published: November 12, 2012
The bizarre, horrific practices of the Aghori
In this world there are very strange, unusual, and bizarre people who commit inhuman acts. One of them is a cult known as the Aghori. This cult lives a different and far from ordinary lifestyle to say the least. Their beliefs and practices are horrendous and nauseating. They do not get recognition as some other cults have gotten, such as the Ku Klux Wan, but they definitely can be classified as bizarre and unstable people.

The Aghori is a Hindu sect, which came into order in the 14th century off the Kaplika. They indulge in all forms of extreme ritual worship practices such as cannibalism, consumption of alcohol and opium, black magic, as well as worshipping in haunted places. They also reside in cremation grounds. The Aghori go in search of the powers and try to gain it by all means. They also are known for ritual worship using a corpse at an altar to invoke the mother goddess known as Smashan Tara. They believe in liberation from the cycle of reincarnation. Aghoris go in search of powers through which they can avoid the, punarjanma or rebirth in this life. An Aghori believes in getting into total darkness by all means, and then getting into light or self-realizing. Though this is a different approach from other Hindu sects, they believe it to be effective. Aghoris worship Shiva, the destroyer, or its female manifestation, Kali, the goddess of death. Each deity in Hinduism is just one manifestation of the same God. There are Different orders of worship and different deities, thus satisfying all manifestations of God. What Shiva and Kali demand from the followers, most people will not find acceptable or normal. Therefore the Aghoris are the only ones willing to please them.

The Aghori practice is a tanlnc dimension of Hinduism. Tanlra is a science of personality, methods of exploring the mind and the development of perception. According to Tantra, “ill are those who are condemned to live with limited personality, only those who step out of time, sp5ace, and causality, can live in harmony with the universe and achieve immortality". An individual that practices Tantra may not succeed in achieving immortality, but can gain enough energy to gain special powers.” The Aghori are notorious for their alcoholic and cannibalistic rituals. The corpses pulled from a river or obtained from cremation grounds, are consumed both raw and cooked on open flame, as the Aghori believe that what others consider a dead man is in fact, nothing but a natural matter of the life force it once contained. For Aghoris, nothing is separate from God. In fact, a burial ground or a haunted house is a preferred place of "sadhana" or worship for an Aghori tantric. They are attributed with eating corpse flesh, which may be a once in a lifetime ritual act, and meditating on a corpse and thereby gaining control over the corpse's spirit. They have also been accused of practicing human sacrifice. The Aghoris claim to perform a secret Tantric ritual involving sex with a woman during her menstruation. The reason for embracing pollution in these practices, is to experience a reality that is deeper and more meaningful, through social taboos. Their way of living can be seen as harsh because it demands the greatest challenges of physical endurance and the most importantly, complicated psychological tests. They believe their way to reach god is the “left” way, while the average Hindu follows the 'right', or conventional way. Through devotion to God, everyday rituals, nonviolence and vegetarianism, they slowly make their way toward the final enlightenment or moksha. Those wishing to speed up that process are followers of the left way. There are hundreds of left ways, for example saddhus differ by the way they have renounced the world and in the vows they undertake. The Aghoris, however are the difficult and challenging ones. They would eat the remains of the...
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