The Age of Absolutism ; Cultural and Political Horizons ( the New Philosophy of Science ) Time Frame: 1600 – 1700’s

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  • Published: October 28, 2012
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Courtney Miller

Unit Name: The Age of Absolutism ; Cultural and Political Horizons ( The New Philosophy of Science ) Time Frame: 1600 – 1700’s

1.Define the name of the unit .
The Age of Absolutism thrashed out theories of absolutism from theorist such as, Thomas Hobbes . It characterized absolute rule ; monarchs and nobles, state structures expanding , absolutism and welfare , absolutism and religion , monumentalism in architecture and art , matters that Louis XIV carried out , and limits of French absolutism . It exclaims the balance of power with the origins of international law and the Habsburg monarchy and the rise of Prussia . It clarified the Russian and Swedish empires with expansion of Muscovy , the rival Swedish empire and Peter the Great and Louis XIV . The Age of absolutism talked about the modern states as well . New Cultural and Political Horizons was the start of the scientific movement , The New Philosophy of Science . It thrashed out how citizens started to change their views about the Universe . Immense contributors to the new views , were Copernicus , Galilei , Harvey , Brahe , Kepler , Bacon , Descartes , and Newton . But the Scientific revolution had its consequences . 2.What is (are) the primary contributions of the period to the course of modern history? Why? The creation of modern science was influenced by discoveries and experiment . The telescope was great contribution that led to many discoveries .

3.If you were man on the streets during this time period , what would be the vocabulary terms you would hear the most ? Why ? A man on the streets would probably talk about Junkers , because they were probably serfs . Junkers were Russian Lords , Polish Nobles , and Prussian nobles who increased their wealth and power and extending their estates worked by serfs .

4.What are the greatest political events of the time period? Why? Louis XIV started to get in depth about the...
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