The Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

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  • Published : December 8, 2005
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Dennis Viera
Environmental Science

Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

On August 23rd the United States National Hurricane Center broadcasted a report saying that ‘Tropical Depression 12' had formed over the south eastern Bahamas. The next day it was upgraded to ‘Tropical Storm Katrina', and unfortunately following that, upgraded to the fourth hurricane for the year 2005. Hurricane Katrina was overall classified as a Category 5 with wind speeds up to 175mph; devastating effects followed. The effects of this disaster all tie in with one another. Economically, politically, sociologically, and ecologically, this storm has effected millions.

Economically, Katrina has absolutely demolished structures that cost hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars to build. The most extreme cases of damage with the storm happened in Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi. For example, in Christian County, Kentucky, Christian County Highschool actually collapsed. Not only is this a highly expensive facility to rebuild, but it furthermore has effects mentally on the children who now probably have to attend other schools after-hours or causing problems for the board of education to create a budget that will be able to support rebuilding the damage while giving the children a sufficient form of education.

Politically, Katrina has brought up much criticism pertaining to the government. Many people are unhappy with their response to the hurricane itself and the aftermath as well. The government is questioned over what seems to be a ‘pride over lives' policy when they rejected the offers of help from other countries. Another interesting fact I read was that the man who was chosen to lead the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), Michael Brown, had virtually no experience in disaster control. This could be a big issue for debate and is another political effect due to Katrina. People are also furious about the ‘easy going, or even lax' storage...
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