The African Slave Trade

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  • Published : October 11, 2012
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African Slave Trade and Slavery until the End

The African population from the 1500’s to the 1800’s was treated inhumanly, enslaved and put to work on plantations, forced to grow many goods for trade. The Europeans chose the African people for a few reasons: There culture, build and being used to hard labor. The African Slave Trade was the largest migration of people in the world. Twelve million moved but only Ten million made it alive. There was a passage that the Europeans used during the African Slave Trade called the Middle Passage for simpler transport. On this middle passage, the treatment of the slaves was horrific and many did not survive the journey. Once in the New World, treatment of the slaves did not get any better. The Slave owner/Slave relationship was not good at all. Slaves did contribute to the formation of their own social and religious ways. Many people did believe that slavery was the wrong thing to do to a person and outburst of support opened around the world. This idea of freedom gave the slaves the courage to escape and had ways of doing so. Haiti was an important part of the history of slavery and is important to review. Why did the Europeans take the African’s for slaves? African’s used slavery as a part of their everyday life. When the Europeans arrived overseas in Africa they were intrigued by this idea of slavery. They felt that the African people were used to the hot weather and long and hard working days. They thought of the blacks as inferior as well. They needed people to do their labor in the New World and were sent over in the African Slave Trade (Corretti). Slavery had a different meaning in the New World than it did in Europe. People were considered chattel in the New World. This means that one human was the property of another human. The Europeans needed to find people to keep up with the labor on the plantations in the new world (Corretti).

There was a route that was taken from Africa to the new...
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