The African Queen

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The African Queen
Essay Question- In what ways does the journey down the river change the characters of Rosie and Charlie? What do they learn about themselves during the course of the journey? The movie ‘The African Queen’ changes two very different people, Rose (Rosie) and Charlie by going on a journey down the river. The journey down the river was not peaceful instead it was the exact opposite however these two main characters learn a lot amount of things during their journey by growing to love and respecting one another after sharing and surviving severe hardships. . From the start of the story Rose is a very naive and pious person and Charlie of the African Queen, is someone who has a coarse behavior and tolerates in a rather stiff manner. The journey begins when German troops marches into the village and start burning down huts and the church, this causes Rose’s brother Samuel to have a nervous breakdown and soon realises that his life’s work has been destroyed and instantly loses his mind and dies very soon. Rose who is utterly devoted to her brother sets off on the African Queen with Charlie. During their journey Rose sees Charlie drinking some Gin and getting drunk and starts to take control and become a boss of the situation by tying her hair and throwing all the alcohol (Gin) into the river. When Charlie wakes up and sees Rose dumping the all the Gin into the river he is terrified and screams “It ain’t your property!” Rose is confident and can handle what is yet to come she shows this by not stopping dumping the Gin into the river and ignores Charlie. In this scene it shows two frames, one frame is Charlie being drunk and the other Charlie being normal, the scenes showing Charlie shaving his beard off shows Charlie being normal. As the African queen goes down the river, they are challenged by another obstacle, the river starts getting dangerous and they must overcome this situation, Charlie who is used to the rapids immediately takes control and...
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